Mentor Coaching

If you are familiar with both mentoring and coaching then at first glance it would seem they don’t work together but they can. Both are built on a trusting relationship but each apply a different approach.

Mentors are those who have gone before us on the mountain of life. They can provide advice from their personal experience, offer contacts and resources and may even make introductions for us.

Coaches travel beside you on the mountain of life, ensuring that you have considered all your options, identified any obstacles and have the necessary support in place to take your next step.

Mentor Coaching Options

  1. Mentor coaching to meet your credentialing qualifications for certification as a  coach. See PCCI Mentor Coaching Package  below.
  2. Mentor coaching as you launch your own coaching business. The focus is a coach approach but I will also take a mentoring role at your request. However, I will quickly return to coaching because this is about your life and business and what works for  you.
  3. Mentor coaching as you prepare to speak. This is normally done with the use of  Skype. I lean heavily on the coach approach to draw out your personal style and message and then as you practice your presentation I mentor and give constructive feedback.

PCCI Mentor Coaching Package