Transitioning Out of the Holidays

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Yes, I know. All great holidays must end. I get that.

Yet after weeks of dreaming and wishing … after days of planning and preparing … it is so hard to say good-bye to three year old hugs and the ring of “grandma” in your ears.

My head knows the drill but today my heart is fragile. I am reluctant to say farewell at the airport. Transitioning out of the holidays is hard.

Helping people navigate transitions – the hellos and the good-byes – of habits, careers, relationships, beliefs, etc. is what I do as a life coach.

Funny isn’t it? One would think by this point in my personal experiences and professional life, I would have the perfect strategy to align my head with my heart to avoid the tears. Truth is, I don’t.

What I do have are a few ways of closing the gap between the anticipation for and the transition out of the holidays.

  1. Create a list of all the meaningful moments. This gets your mind remembering what your heart doesn’t wish to forget.
    Nice collaboration!
  2. Consider the blessings of our diverse digital communication systems – perhaps a quick text before takeoff. Ah – yes, that felt better.
  3. Comfort yourself – a rich coffee, a good read, a warm sweatshirt, some soothing music and perhaps a few Zzzz’s. When you wake up at your destination, life will be waiting to welcome you home.

Anne Denmark

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