Polish Your Perspective

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“In the perspective of every person lies a lens through which we may better understand ourselves.”

Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard Professor of Psychology

He stood all alone on the court holding the basketball. My youngest grandchild not yet 2 years old was gazing upward at the net. It towered above his toddler frame with an impossible reach. He watched his older brother during practice and now it was his turn.

With the ball gripped firmly between his little fingers he said; “Malcolm do it.” From his toddler perspective, nothing was impossible. From an adult perspective is made a cute text photo from his mom.

Your way of regarding ideas, situations, and facts is your perspective. Through what lens do you view life? How does it shape your perspective? Perhaps you need a change in perspective when you are:

  • Stuck on a problem or issue for an extended period of time
  • Having trouble mending a broken relationship
  • Feeling like you do not understand others or yourself

Coaching facilitates a safe environment in which you can explore your perspective and discover new ways to polish the lens through which you see life. Using an intentional process of discovery, a coach helps people to review and possibly renew their perspective. When was the last time you polished your perspective?

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