Safe Travel Back to Reality

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So … back to the real world after an incredible Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week. I am sitting here in the airport wondering how my husband and I are going to get home today. Our plane sits idle waiting for parts. Everyone wants safe travels home.

I am going to use this time to reflect on the last few days. Many faces come to mind – returning faces and new faces. Participants from 21 states and 3 Canadian provinces gathered to be equipped in speaking, writing and leading.

I met such delightful people so purposeful and willing to stretch out on the learning curve. That takes raw and gutsy courage. I applaud you! Continue to be courageous as you travel back to face your realities. Here are a few coaching tips.

  • Take time to reflect carefully on what impacted your heart at the conference That motivation will keep you moving forward
  • Jot down the most significant things you learned Recording it will help you lock in the learning
  • Decide on your very next action step That way you won’t get lost when distractions disrupt your focus
  • Stay connected to those faces that encouraged you We all need a network of support

How do you travel back to reality after a conference?



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