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My carrot diary lifestyle started when one of my coaching clients, a delightfully, free-spirited individual, wanted to know where her money was going. Like most, money seemed to disappear with small incidental
purchases. And like many there was more month than paycheck.

The focus: How to begin a daily lifestyle to record spending?
Tracking expenses is not exactly an exciting task. For me it was more like – boring
and tedious.

How could I encourage someone who thrives on spontaneity
and intuition to consistently keep track of spending? Note the word “consistently”.

  • Together we played with ideas to bring some color and creativity into naming the process.
    It was finally called the Carrot Diary and we laughed
  • Together we looked at all the possibilities to make recording quick and easy and the experiments begin

Coaching is about walking beside someone to encourage their goals.

I personally decided to shadow her process by recording my own Carrot Diary – my own daily spending. It will give me greater understanding of the journey she is taking.

So the journey begins. Stay tuned.





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